About us


Atlantic Capital has an Advisory Board headed by Kenneth Broos. Where necessary, the members of the Advisory Board act as an experienced sounding board and/or coach and all have ample knowledge and practical experience of acquisitions and the management of companies operating on a national or international scale.


The day-to-day management team of Atlantic Capital consists of:

Kenneth Broos (1967) – began his career as an investment manager at Gilde Investment. He then served as Director Corporate Finance at Atlantic Associates and since 2004, has held final responsibility for Atlantic Capital. He also has experience as an entrepreneur. In early 1994, he formed Ecolight, a producer of emergency lighting. In April 2011, Ecolight was sold to Normalux, the market leader in the field of emergency lighting in Spain.

kenneth.broos@atlanticcapital.nl  +31 (6) 53237021



Tom Reijntjes (1953) – has held various financial management and managing board positions. Among other things, he has worked at Multihouse (listed ICT company), De Vleeschmeesters (international food retail group with in-house production), Van Dijk Beheer (international fruit and vegetable/flower wholesaler, warehousing, production and transport) and PE Beheer (temporary staffing agency for international staff). He has a broad management scope with a financial background.

tom.reijntjes@atlanticcapital.nl  +31 (6) 53981000


Management network

Atlantic Capital has a network of management buy-in candidates and interim managers. If you are interested in joining our network, please send us an e-mail at info@atlanticcapital.nl.