Vespertilio Investeringen (Lexxyn)

Paters Erf 3
4904 AA Oosterhout, the Netherlands
+31 (0)162 464 805


groeifinanciering: Since 2004, Atlantic Capital holds a minority interest in Vespertilio Investments.


Vespertilio is an investment company with holdings in ICT companies. The various portfolio companies operate under the label Lexxyn and are largely focused on ICT solutions for the legal practice. The following companies are part of the portfolio of Vespertilio :

  • ICT Concept  
  • Trivium   
  • Devoon   
  • CloudConcept   
  • Clip Consultants   
  • Helder Telecom   
  • Epona   
  • Scan Service   

End of 2016 the shares were purchased by Vespertilio Investeringen