The process

In principle, after the initial application, the investment process passes through five different stages with the aim of completing these without unnecessary delays.

Intake  As soon as possible after a business plan is received, Atlantic Capital analyses the proposal and determines whether the application complies in principle with the investment conditions applied.

Screening – The next step is one or more personal meetings with the entrepreneur or potential MBI/MBO candidate, in order to obtain more insight into the business plan and the motivation for the application.

Analysis – After the screening, the formal part begins. This process is implemented and coordinated by the Atlantic Capital investment team, supported by external specialists if required. This phase is also referred to as the ‘due diligence’ phase, and involves analysing and validating the company or business plan in relation to finances, legal aspects, personnel and organisation, taxes, etc., as well as an evaluation of the product, the market and the competitive position.

Proposal – During the due diligence process, the intention is that Atlantic Capital and the entrepreneur or MBI/MBO candidate will reach agreement on the main points of the transaction and will record this in a participation agreement.

Closing – As soon as both parties approve the conditions of the participation agreement, the investment team submits the plan to the Atlantic Capital Advisory Board. After the assessment, the contracts are drawn up and signed, after which the partnership begins.